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  Delta DIAView SCADA System Provides Remote Monitoring of Wastewater Treatment for Dyeing Factory
Nowadays, many companies use a monitoring system and energy performance index to oversee real-time factory equipment with data visualization and analysis management. Delta’s newly launched DIAView SCADA system and energy-saving products have successfully provided a well-known dyeing factory in China with remote monitoring of their wastewater treatment and safe discharge during the reverse osmosis (RO) and ultrafiltration (UF) process. With Delta’s wastewater treatment solution, customers can improve their energy efficiency strategy and planning with lower operating costs, complete data analysis, and optimized factory facility management.

Delta’s client, a dyeing factory in China that makes textile products, faces difficulties in handling large amounts of dyeing wastewater containing pollutants from processing fabrics such as cotton, hemp, and chemical fibers. These pollutants or impurities such as dyes, fiber, and minerals in water need to be further removed and screened through RO and UF processes to fulfill water recycling standards and be safely discharged. To solve this issue, Delta industrial automation (IA) products such as programmable logic controller (PLC) and AC motor drives are effectively used to control on-site pump operation during the process to ensure water purification and the required electrical conductivity. Delta’s DIAView SCADA also provides real-time data acquisition, equipment monitoring, and assists users in remotely monitoring wastewater management.

Delta's wastewater treatment solution not only improves overall operational efficiency, and reduces energy consumption, but also assists the client in achieving the following benefits:

24-hour monitoring and data visualization: The DIAView SCADA system provides data visualization tools such as charts and graphs with vivid displays, and allows users to quickly track equipment status and condition. The system is easily maintained and makes adjustments based on real-time data acquisition.

Robust alarm management: When abnormal machine actions occur, Delta’s SCADA immediately provides early warning and alarm notification to inform and assign the appropriate maintenance personnel.

Enhances Equipment Management: SCADA offers auto adjustment and data acquisition of equipment during the purification process, to ensure smooth operation and effective management.

Historical Reports and Database: Historical reports are stored in the database (SQL server compact) for users to easily search and apply in various applications.

Efficient Pump Control: Delta’s Vector Control Drives C2000 Series are adopted to control on-site water pump speed and frequency during the ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) process, to enhance wastewater filtering, overall equipment effectiveness and increase facility lifespan.

Excellent Data Transmission: The solution adopts industrial Ethernet Unmanaged Switches DVS Series with optimized industrial network communication for smooth equipment data transmission.

Delta IA wastewater treatment solution offers real-time data analysis, 24-hour remote monitoring and effective control of on-site equipment operation status to achieve an excellent wastewater treatment application.
Delta DIAView SCADA system provides data visualization and analysis management for the dyeing factory’s remote monitoring of wastewater treatment
News Source: IABG MarCom
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