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  Delta Automation Solution for Toilet Paper Roll Packing Machine – High Productivity with Simple Network Structure
The packaging industry today is looking for a fast and highly stable packaging system to counter the challenge of market competiveness and raise of labor cost. Stability and rapid productions are what the manufacturers looking for today. Traditional packing method using labor is not only time consuming but associating with uncertainties such as unstable quality, product contamination, missing item and many other problems. These problems not only increase the manufacturing cost, but also bring bad influence to the brand image and reputation. Delta provides a total solution for fully automated roller packaging machine with high-speed and precise control to greatly improves the productivity.

A fully automated toilet paper roll packing machine has two stages; the single roll packing and the multi-roll packing in retail size. This application focuses on the second stage, grouping the finished roll into pre-set quantity and pushes into a large wrapping bag for sealing and packing. Delta provides fast and precise automation control solution that can finish up to 20 retail packaging in one minute.

Delta’s roller packaging solution for toilet paper roll consists of two HMI DOP-B series and an PLC DVP10MC series, allowing the customer to program a packing motion and to set the packing quantity such as 6-rolls, 8-rolls,10 rolls or more. Multiple AC motor drive VFD-EL series, control the conveyor speed to deliver toilet paper rolls and the plastic wrap to the desired position. Also multiple AC servo drive ASDA-A2 series with AC servo motor ECMA series to control the pulling axis to open the plastic wrap, grouping toilet paper rolls and push them into the plastic bag for sealing and packing.

Delta presents a fully network system that is easy to construct and greatly reduces wiring time. The PLC DVP10MC series supports various protocol, and in this application it links HMIs, AC servo drives, AC servo motors and AC motor drives all together via RS-485, RS-232 and CANopen. In addition, the DVP10MC series offers PLCopen function blocks for user to program a machine motion easily. This motion can also be copied and duplicated to another packaging machine; simply change the packaging criteria such as roll quantity to start the operation, no additional programming is required. Moreover, the function block support auto-detection of missing object; using sensor to detect the toilet paper roll ensures proper packaging and prevents material waste.

Delta offers a simpler and faster automation solution for multiple toilet paper rolls packing uses simple network structure and great PLCopen function blocks; boost the productivity with perfect packing quality.
Delta’s product configuation for multiple toilet paper rolls packing machine
News Source: IABG MarCom
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