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Press Releases
  Delta and YunTech Unveil the “Electromechanical Integration Practice Center” for Future Talent
Delta’s Industrial Automation Business Group (IABG) and National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (YunTech) unveiled the newly constructed “Electromechanical Integration Practice Center” in YunTech on Oct. 21st. This practice center was designed and built by Delta and YunTech with Delta’s donation of some of the most welcome industrial automation products in the market, including CNC controllers, servo drive systems, and programmable logic controllers (PLC). Through the cooperation of both sides, the Electromechanical Integration Practice Center contains 15 multi-axis CNC demo sets and 15 sets of PLC demo sets for students. The practice center provides an excellent learning and practice environment for motion control and precision machining courses, and will greatly support the cultivation of more talent for the automation and CNC industries.

Andy Liu, assistant general manager of Delta’s IABG, participated in the opening ceremony and said, “Delta has been focusing on automation and smart factories and has conducted industry academia cooperation projects among colleges and universities in Asia over the years. Delta donates products, demo sets for teaching, and facilities for laboratories and practice centers to colleges. Our engineers also give classes as guest lecturers at these colleges to share market trends, field experience, industrial know-how and success stories with teachers and students. Through these interactions, students have a chance to follow the trends of technology and industry, as well as market needs, to prepare for their future careers.”

Mr. Andy Liu also pointed out that Delta holds the Delta Cup Automation Design Competition every year to build a platform for interaction and practice among government officials, industry, and academia. He said, “For students, this competition allows them to practice what they’ve learned in college and build real demos that show their capabilities and creativity. For teachers, they have the chance to interact and exchange opinions with others from different countries. For Delta, we are able to find and cultivate more talents, and turn their abilities and energy into industry upgrades and advancement. This competition provides a positive cycle for colleges, companies, and industries. ”

YunTech has attended the Delta Cup Automation Design Competition for two successive years and has achieved great results. Mr. Chuen-Kan Hou, Yuntech President, thanked Delta for its generous support and opportunities to attend the Delta Cup competition. He said, “Through cooperation with Delta, we integrate our current resources and practical technologies to provide a better learning environment for manufacturing automation know-how and skills training for students. With the facilities and Delta’s products and systems, our system integration courses will quickly build and greatly enhance students’ practice capabilities. It means that these students will quickly fit in the real industry after graduation and devote themselves to industry upgrades, bringing a win-win result.”

The Electromechanical Integration Practice Center integrates YunTech’s original electrical equipment and Delta’s automation products such as CNC controllers, servo drive systems, and PLC, and smart manufacturing systems. It is equipped with fifteen PLC demo sets, thirteen 4-axis CNC demo sets, and two 2-axis CNC demo sets. These demo sets will help students of the Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering colleges in their courses such as CNC machine tools and factory practice, integrated control and practice of electromechanical systems, motor manufacturing and testing technology, system integration practice, molding engineering and practice, mechanical measurement, and more.

With the inauguration of the Electromechanical Integration Practice Center, Delta and YunTech hope to strengthen students’ practical skills and creativity based on solid basic theory, technology and industry know-how. Through this industry academia cooperation, Delta and YunTech expect to see more talents enhancing Taiwan’s overall automation industries in the future.
Delta IABG Assistant Manager Andy Liu (4th from the left), YunTech President Chuen-Kan Hou (4th from the right) and other guests unveil the “Electromechanical Integration Practice Center” at the opening ceremony
Yuntech President Chuen-Kan Hou thanks Delta for its generous support and looks forward to strengthening students’ capabilities for future industries
Delta IABG Assistant Manager Andy Liu hosts the opening ceremony and shares Delta’s achievements in industry-academia cooperation
Delta and YunTech cooperate in building the “Electromechanical Integration Practice Center”
The multi-axis CNC demo sets built in YunTech’s Electromechanical Integration Practice Center are perfect for CNC solutions with high precision for various industries when matched with Delta’s articulated robot.
The multi-axis CNC demo sets in YunTech’s Electromechanical Integration Practice Center integrate Delta’s CNC controllers, servo drive systems, and PLCs
Delta and YunTech’s guests visit the Electromechanical Integration Practice Center after the opening ceremony
Delta and YunTech’s guests are satisfied with the Electromechanical Integration Practice Center
News Source: IABG MarCom
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